Facade Patterns in Revit

revit site model

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to create a super-detailed site model with minimal effort and maximum results using Model Patterns. 

Revit facade patterns

First things first, if you're not familiar with pyRevit Add-in: it's a Free Add-in for Revit developed by Ehsan Iran-Nejad and includes numerous useful tools for Revit. 

One of the most useful tools in pyRevit is Make Pattern. This tool allows you to create custom Model and Drafting Fill Patterns for your Revit Model or 2D drawings as a Filled Region. The process is quick and easy, only requiring two clicks, and patterns can be easily modified when saving the base tile source lines.

Creating a Custom Model Pattern

How to create a custom pattern in pyRevit: 

  1. Create a new drafting view
  2. Use Detail Lines to create the base tile drawing
  3. Use prRevit Make Pattern to create the Pattern
  4. Specify a new name, and Pattern type: Drafting or Model
  5. Check Create Filled Region to get one
  6. Create the pattern by defining its boundaries: Bottom left corner and Top right corner

Pro tip #1: Always save the source lines!

Pro tip #2: Use Reference Planes to create Pattern boundaries that are not part of the design.

pyrevit make pattern

Using the Model Pattern

2D Drawings: Make sure to check the "Create Filled Region" box to get a Filled Region based on the new pattern.

3D Modeling: You can incorporate custom patterns in almost all Revit Families and System Families: Walls, Floors, Roofs, Casework, etc. For Walls and Floor, make sure that the pattern is assigned to the Finish Layer, using a Material with the relevant surface pattern. 

wall surface patterns revit

Editing an existing Model Pattern

In our Pattern Libraries, we always save the source lines for you. Use them to modify the size and design! To edit the Facade source pattern, copy the drawing lines and make the necessary changes. Then, use pyRevit to modify the pattern (or create a new one): 

revit make pattern


This example is based on one of the Facades from our Office Facades pack: 

revit facade

Check our Fill Patterns Library for more cool and super-creative Model and Drafting Patterns for Revit: 

revit patterns download

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