Top YouTube Channels to learn Revit
Best Tutorials for learning Revit in 2024 for free. The top includes: Balkan Architect, Revit Pure, Aussie BIM Guru, Niko G., The Revit Kid, M.T.H REVIT TUTORIALS, Kyle Synko, Architecture Vanguard, Multinext Design, AutoCAD & Revit Tools.
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AI Backgrounds for Revit
Download our AI-generated backgrounds for free and use them in your Revit Sections, Elevations, and 3D View. Get our secret prompt to generate more background in Midjourney!
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Top 20 pyRevit Tools for Revit
Our 20 favorite tools in pyRevit, from Batch Sheet creation to Pattern Making, powerful Wiping tools, and many more. Beware, this is a serious dig-in tutorial and you might find yourself addicted to pyRevit and our articles after reading it!
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