For each product you can choose an 'Educational Use' for academic projects, or a 'Commercial Use' license for commercial projects.

Use Autodesk Revit to open Revit files (RFA, RVT, RTE).
Open Dynamo from Revit to run Dynamo Scripts (DYN). Please pay attention to the product's Revit version and Dynamo Build of each file, it could be found on the product's page.

You do not have rights to
• Claim that you own intellectual property rights of any content from RD
• Sell, distribute, sublicense, transfer, provide access to contents on its own in any format
• Make contents available for download or share them in any format enabling others to reproduce or use contents on its own
• Share contents on its own without a link back to related page on revitdynamo.com
• Use the contents on its own on any document, packaging, product or any promotional materials
• Sell or distribute contents as merchandise

For Revit files, please make sure you're using the correct Revit version. There is no downsaving in Revit, so you may open the files in a compatible version or newer one. For example: If you purchase a Revit 2019 file, you may open it in Revit 2019 and newer versions such as 2020, 2021 and 2022. But you cannot open it in Revit 2018.

For Dynamo scripts, please make sure that you have the same Dynamo Build or a newer one. Also make sure you have all the needed Packages before running the script.

Sure. We are currently in collaboration with architects, interior designers, engineers, BIM users from the AEC industry and always willing to expand our collaborations in different fields. You can contact our team at revitdynamostudio@gmail.com for any kind of collaboration inquiries.

Sure you can! Please use this form to submit your ideas.


You can apply for a creator account here.

First, you need to fill the application form and submit an example file (it can be a Revit or Dynamo file) for our team review. After your submission is approved you will be contacted via email to make sure your work is in a similar format that we use on marketplace. Once your content is approved we are going to launch your creator page and publish your product.

Sure. RD is a marketplace for all BIM creators. Please visit our submission page to submit your work.

Of course, you will get featured on our social media accounts and get our community appreciation.

Creators earn 50% of total net sales. All maintenance and additional costs such as hosting, storage, marketing, memberships of apps needed to sell and promote marketplace's profit and more will be covered by us. We transfer the exact sum of 50% of net sales in USD by PayPal account. We would like to emphasize that PayPal's transaction fees are 2%-5% according to the country the creators are from, and we are unfortunately not in charge of it.

We use a system what we called is "relative pricing". We always take into consideration the creator's estimation of his/her content. Thought we don't want to control or limit your pricing we want to keep our contents fair for both other creators and customers. So we will ask you to price your contents based on existing contents prices and their extent. The final price is up to RD Marketplace.

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