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Do you create your own Revit Families? Do you create your own Dynamo Scripts? Or maybe plugins? 

It's time to share it with the world! 

RD Studio is a creative studio directed to the AEC industry. We have a strong BIM community of architects, engineers, constructors, interior designers and planners. Our aim is to improve the production of planning and architectural documents, enrich our community with various resources and materials and simplify the production process by offering free Dynamo scripts, Revit Families, guides and tutorials.


Which products can be submitted?

1. 3D and 2D Revit Families (RFA files)
2. Revit Projects (RVT files)
3. Revit Templates (RTE files)
4. Dynamo Scripts (DYN files)
5. Tutorials
6. You're more than welcome to suggest new ideas


Share your work for free or sell it

1. Share your work for 100% free and earn lots of our community respect

2. Sell your content in the best marketplace for architects and designers and make a passive income. Creators earn 50% of each product’s price. At the end of each month we send all creators a report with the downloads and purchases data, and we transfer the payment to your Paypal account. 


How can I submit my work? 

1. Simply fill out this form.
2. After receiving your work, the products will go through our quality test. If they meet our standards we will contact you by email

During the upload process you will be asked to add a little description of
your work and also tell something about yourself. People need to recognize
their heroes!




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