Revit Household Appliances (125 Families)

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Elevate your Revit residential modeling with 125 Revit Families of household appliances and electrical equipment, including Revit kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, living space appliances, laundry room appliances, and popular office and tech gadgets.
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  • Revit Version: 2020
  • Created by: RD Studio
  • Pack Categories: Electrical Equipment

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Zip Folders
To unzip a ZIP folder, right-click to select Extract Here.

How to Load Revit Families
1. Open Revit, go to the Insert Tab and Press on Load Family
2. Choose the downloaded family from your computer

For more information please visit our download and install instructions page.

Crazy Level of Detail

Enjoy realistic Revit Families using the Fine Detail Level. Most Families have a simpler Coarse Detail Level to relax your graphic card.

2D Symbols in Plan Views

Significant kitchen and household appliances have special 2D Symbols for plan view. The symbols are Detail Item Families with a special Sub-Category to control the graphics and a visibility parameter to turn them on or off.

Opening Lines in Sections too

We took care of the clearance area in all relevant views. To plan your project perfectly, turn on the opening lines in plan views, sections, and elevations.

21 Revit Families
Revit Kitchen Countertop Appliances
  1. Coffee Machine Automatic
  2. Coffee Grinder Machine
  3. Coffee Machine Nespresso Atelier
  4. Food Processor
  5. Electrical Juicer 
  6. Manual Juicer 
  7. Kitchen Channel
  8. Kitchen Food Processor
  9. Kitchen Food Scale
  10. Modern Moka Pot 
  11. Ninja Airfryer
  12. Ninja Nutri Blender Pro
  13. Ninja Pressure Cooker
  14. Ninja Professional Plus Blender
  15. Electrical Kettle
  16. Toaster
  17. Toaster Oven
  18. Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo
  19. Microwave
  20. Waffle Maker
  21. Water Bar Tami Edge Plus
36 Revit Families
Revit Kitchen Appliances
  1. Dishwasher
  2. Freezer Chest
  3. Freezer Upright
  4. Gas Stove Freestanding
  5. Gas Stove - Double Stove Oven
  6. Gas Stove - Single Stove Oven
  7. Hob Gas 2 Zone
  8. Hob Gas 4 Zone
  9. Hob Gas 4 Zone Linear
  10. Hob Gas 5 Zone
  11. Hob Induction 2 Zone
  12. Hob Induction 2 Zone Flexible
  13. Hob Induction 3 Zone
  14. Hob Induction 4 Zone
  15. Hob Induction 4 Zone Linear
  16. Hob Induction 5 Zone
  17. Hob Induction 6 Zone
  18. Hob with integrated hood
  19. Free Standing Range
  20. Range Hood 01
  21. Range Hood 02
  22. Range Hood 03
  23. Range Hood 04
  24. Range Hood 05
  25. Range Hood 06
  26. Range Hood 07
  27. Range Hood 08
  28. Range Hood 09
  29. Range Hood 10
  30. Refrigerator 3 Doors
  31. Refrigerator 4 Doors
  32. Refrigerator 4 Doors w ice and water dispenser
  33. Refrigerator Bottom Mount
  34. Refrigerator Convertible Side-By-Side
  35. Refrigerator Top Mount
  36. Wine Cooler
7 Revit Families
Revit Bathroom Appliances
  1. Bathroom Towel Radiator
  2. Bathroom Heater Wall Mounted
  3. Electric Shaver
  4. Electric Toothbrush
  5. Hair Dryer
  6. Hair Dryer Holder
  7. Hair Straightener
9 Revit Families
Revit Laundry Room Appliances

  1. Dryer
  2. Iron
  3. Garment Steamer 01
  4. Garment Steamer 02
  5. Washing Machine
  6. Washing Machine Top Load
  7. Wash tower
  8. Vacuum Cleaner Roborock H7
  9. Vacuum Cleaner Robot Roborock S7
13 Revit Families
Revit Living Space Appliances

  1. Apple HomePod
  2. Apple HomePod Mini
  3. Apple TV 4K
  4. Record Player
  5. Sonos Beam
  6. Sonos Speakers
  7. Sound Bar Sony
  8. Speakers Bluetooth JBL Flip 6
  9. Speakers JBL Party Box
  10. Sewing Machine
  11. TV
  12. TV Curved
  13. Massage Gun
13 Revit Families
Revit AC, Heating System and Air Purifier Appliances

  1. Split Air Conditioner Exterior Unit
  2. Split Air Conditioner Floor Standing 01
  3. Split Air Conditioner Floor Standing 02
  4. Split Air Conditioner Interior Unit
  5. Split Air Conditioner Remote Control
  6. Radiator 01
  7. Radiator 02
  8. Radiator 03
  9. Radiator 04
  10. Air Purifier 01
  11. Air Purifier 02
  12. Ceiling Fan
  13. Electric Fan
25 Revit Families
Office and Tech Gadgets

  1. Desktop Computer
  2. Printer
  3. 3D Printer
  4. Apple Airpods Max
  5. Apple Airpods Pro
  6. Apple AirTag
  7. Apple iMac
  8. Apple iPad
  9. Apple iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard
  10. Apple iPhone
  11. Apple Mac
  12. Apple Mac Accessories
  13. Apple MacBook Air
  14. Apple MacBook Pro
  15. Apple Mag Safe Charger
  16. Apple Pro Display XDR
  17. Apple Studio Display
  18. Dell 24 inch Monitor
  19. Dell 27 inch Monitor
  20. Dell UltraSharp 34 inch Monitor
  21. Dell UltraSharp 38 inch Monitor
  22. Dell UltraSharp 49 inch Monitor
  23. Instant Camera
  24. Laptop Lenovo Legion
  25. Light Ring

Revit Household Appliances Families

Elevate your Revit residential modeling with 125 Revit Families of household appliances and electrical equipment, including Revit kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, living space appliances, laundry room appliances, and popular office and tech gadgets

This Revit Families pack is perfect for residential projects, any architectural BIM modeling that requires showing electrical equipment, and interior design modeling in Revit that focuses on details and realism. 

Instance Parameters:

  • We developed the Electrical Equipment Families with interior designers in mind: all dimensions are instance parameters, allowing quick and easy modification of the families. 
  • Small appliances Families are not parametric. 
  • Please check the Instance Parameters for each family, as shown in the description images, to ensure they fit your needs.  

2D Graphics:

  • Big household appliances have special 2D Symbols for plan views.
  • Appliances have 2D opening lines for plan views, sections, and elevations, and they have a visibility parameter to turn them on or off. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Families are work plane-based for easy placement on walls, floors, furniture, and any other surface
  • Families include Material Parameters for each part
  • Families are created using international standards for household appliances after extensive research in the relative market
  • All Families are parametric and designed with the user in mind 


  • The download folder includes 125 Revit Families and a showroom file.
  • Categories: Electrical Equipment
  • Please make sure your Revit version is compatible with the product version

    Please make sure your Revit version is compatible with the product version

    • Revit Version: 2020
    • The download folder includes 125 Revit Families

    Pack Categories:

    • Electrical Equipment

    RD Studio is a creative BIM factory that creates high-quality Families for Revit and Dynamo Scripts with a focus on innovation and functionality.

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