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Download and Install Instructions for Revit Families and Dynamo Scripts

How to Download

How to download a product in 5 simple steps:

  1. Add the product to your cart (Make sure to choose the right Lisence) 
  2. After adding all the products you need, go to your cart 
  3. Click on Checkout
  4. Fill in the required details of the Contact Information and press on Continue to Payment
  5. Fill in the payment details
  6. Your digital download link will be available within a few minutes. Enjoy!

Free Products

For Free Products, simply press on Complete Order. Your digital download link will be available within a few minutes. A download link will be sent to your email too.


Zip Folders

To unzip compressed folders, right-click to select and Extract Here, and then follow the instructions.


How to Load Revit Families

  1. Open Revit
  2. Go to the Insert Tab and Press on Load Family
  3. Choose the downloaded Family from your computer

Load Revit Families 


How to Install Dynamo Scripts

  1. Open Revit
  2. Go to the Manage Tab > Dynamo
  3. From Dynamo click File > Open and choose the dyn. file
  4. To Run the script click on the Run button

Revit how to open dynamo

dynamo open file

run dynamo script 


How to use Dynamo Scripts with Dynamo Player

  1. Open Revit
  2. Go to the Manage Tab > Dynamo Player
  3. Click on Browse to Folder and choose the Folder that contains the Scripts
  4. Click on the Play Button to run a script
  5. Some Scripts have an input option, make sure to choose the desired options from Edit Inputs button


revit open dynamo player

 dynamo player edit inputs



How to Install Dynamo Packages

Some of our Dynamo Scripts are dependant on pre-built Packages. Kindly, check the product page for details of the packages that need to be installed. 

Installing Dynamo Packges is easy:

  1. Open Revit
  2. Go to the Manage Tab > Dynamo 
  3. Packages > Search for Packages
  4. Find a package that you wish to install and click the down arrow button.
    By clicking the down arrow you will be downloading the latest version of the package
  5. You may be warned that the package or one of its dependencies contains Python scripts or binaries, click OK to acknowledge the warnings. This warning is very common
  6. After the package is successfully installed, you may begin using the new Package immediately

install dynamo packages

install dynamo packages


Troubleshooting Dynamo Scripts

My Script has Errors

Occasionally, a script might not execute properly if your setup lacks certain nodes from a required package. If these packages aren't installed on your computer, the script will fail. Please, take a moment to visit the Dynamo Script product page to identify the necessary packages for running the script.

Open the Workspace Refernces Window to check for missing Packages:

dynamo packages check

Revit Versions and Dynamo compatibility

The same script can behave differently with different versions of Revit. We recommend checking the Dynamo Script version listed on the product page to ensure optimal compatibility and performance.



All our Dynamo scripts are vetted and used by our team before we release them. But, just like anything in computing, Dynamo isn't foolproof. You might run into issues where a script doesn't perform as expected on your system or within your specific project. Make sure you've installed all the necessary packages before running a script. If you're using Dynamo Player and encounter an error, the issue is often a missing package, so try editing the script directly in Dynamo. While we can't take responsibility for how you use these scripts, we're here to help fix issues and answer questions as best as we can, typically responding weekly.

Save your file before running a Dynamo Script!

Remember, working with Dynamo scripts can lead to unexpected changes in your files. Always save your work, or better yet, work on a copy, before using a script.

For the best results, close and reopen Dynamo each time you want to run the same script on a file.

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