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Download and Install Instructions for Revit Families and Dynamo Scripts

How to Download

To download a product, add the product to your cart. After adding all the products you need, go to your cart and press on checkout. Fill in the required details of the Contact Information and press on Continue to Payment. Fill in the payment details.

For Free Products, simply press on Complete Order. Your digital download link will be available within a few minutes. A download link will be sent to your email too.


Zip Folders

To unzip files, Open File Explorer and find the zipped folder.
To unzip the entire folder, right-click to select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.


How to Load Revit Families

  1. Open Revit, go to the Insert Tab and Press on Load Family
  2. Choose the downloaded family from your computer

Load Revit Families 


How to Install Dynamo Scripts

  1. Open Revit
  2. Go to the Manage Tab > Dynamo
  3. From Dynamo click File > Open and choose the dyn. file
  4. To Run the script click on the Run button

Revit how to open dynamo

dynamo open file

run dynamo script 


How to use Dynamo Scripts with Dynamo Player

  1. Open Revit
  2. Go to the Manage Tab > Dynamo Player
  3. Click on Browse to Folder and choose the Folder that contains the Scripts
  4. Click on the Play Button to run a script
  5. Some Scripts have an input option, make sure to choose the desired options from Edit Inputs button


revit open dynamo player

 dynamo player edit inputs



How to Install Dynamo Packages

  1. Open Revit
  2. Go to the Manage Tab > Dynamo 
  3. Packages > Search for Packages
  4. Find a package that you wish to install and click the down arrow button.
    By clicking the down arrow you will be downloading the latest version of the package
  5. You may be warned that the package or one of its dependencies contains Python scripts or binaries, click OK to acknowledge the warnings. This warning is very common
  6. After the package is successfully installed, you may begin using the new Package immediately

install dynamo packages

install dynamo packages



Our Dynamo scripts have all been tested and used by our specialists before being released. However, Dynamo, like computing, is not an exact science. Some scripts may not work as expected on your computer or in your projects. Before using a script please check that all required packages has been installed. If you use a script with Dynamo Player and it turn out an error, please try to edit it with Dynamo. Mostly the error is a missing package. Obviously, we cannot be held responsible for your use of it. Of course, we will try to correct any problems or answer your questions as best we can and according to our availability. Mostly, we follow up once a week.

Like any Dynamo script, it’s essential to understand that manipulations on a file can cause an unwanted result: Always save your file or a copy before proceeding.

In order to have a correct result, it is necessary to close and reopen Dynamo every time you use the same script on the same file. 

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