Build the Perfect
Office Environment

Model Workspaces with Ease

165 Parametric
Office Families

Unlock Limitless Possibilities
12 Families
Reception Desks

Modern and minimal Reception desks Families with various shapes: Rectangular, circular, L-shape, and U-shape.

revit reception desk
8 Types
Meeting Room Tables

Super flexible meeting table Families, with instace dimension parameters for quick changes

revit office meeting table
16 Families
Desks and Office Chairs

Popular desks and office chairs: Task chair, Executive chairs, stools, Ergonomic chairs, sit-stand tables and corner desks.

revit office desk
revit office furniture
revit office storage

Storage and Partition Walls

Parametric Storage units, under desk cabinets, trolleys, partition walls, whiteboard and smart office partitions.

33 Families
Office Electrical Equipment

Printers, lighting fixtures, projector, TV screens, computer monitors, water cooler, office coffe machine and many more!

revit office electrical equipment
52 Families
Planting and Decor

Don't underestimate the power of detail: create realistic and elegant office scenes, ready to render.

revit office decor

Flexible Workstations

revit office table

Parametric Workstation

Change the Width, Depth and Height, add an extension for each side and an electrical opening.

revit office desk

Screens and Extentions

Add table extensions to create an L Shaped workstation. Add screens to the middle or workstation side to create a more private space.

revit office furniture


Create versatile workstations for individuals and teams. Create endless variations and custom made solutions for your open space.

revit office families
revit office families
revit meeting table
revit reception desk
revit desk chair
revit office furniture
revit office storage
revit electrical fixtures
revit office decor families
revit office workstation
revit office families download
revit office design
revit families download
revit office model
revit office project
revit interior design
revit office furniture
download revit families office
revit office

Professional Workspace and Office Families

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For an Educational Use Pack (reduced price) email us:

Professional Workspace and Office Families Mega Pack

The only pack you need for office planning in Revit: A super Mega Pack of 156 Parametric workspace and office Families for Revit. Including furniture, reception desks, storage units, desks, tables, chairs, meeting tables, workstations, smart furniture and panels, lighting fixtures, electrical equipment, planting and decor. 

Includes the following Families for Revit:

  • Furniture (82 Families): Desks, office chairs, tables, meeting tables, workstations, storage units, locker, cabinets, reception desk, partition wall, acoustic partition, whiteboard and more. 
  • Generic Models (38 Families): Decor objects, desktop tools, office tools, storage objects, wall art, pegboard, clock, angled curtains and more. 
  • Lighting Fixtures (14 Families): pendants, table lamps, and decor lamps. 
  • Electrical Equipment (15 Families): Water cooler, printer, scanner, nespresso machine, coffee machine, monitors, computers, tv, curved tv, projector. 
  • Plumbing Fixtures (2 Families): Water cooler, beer tower with a drip tray. 
  • Planting (5 Families): Big and small potted plants. 

The download folder includes a showroom template file where all Families are placed in a 3D view for easy access. Families are organized by categories: Furniture, Generic Models, Lighting Fixtures, Plumbing Fixtures, Planting, and Plumbing Fixtures. 

For an Educational Use pack (reduced price) - please email us at

Revit Office Equipment and Gadgets 3D Realistic Business People (41 Types) Parametric Office Pods 02 Office Recreation & Game Room Parametric Office Pods 01

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