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15 Families
Kitchen Cabinets

Top, Base and Corner kitchen Cabinets Families to create the basic Kitchen Composition

18 Types
Cabinet Doors

Most common door types including IKEA Kitchen Door Panels: IKEA STENSUND, IKEA FROJERED, IKEA VOXTOPR

20 Families

Most popular Handle designs, Including some favorite ones from IKEA's Catalogue: IKEA BAGGANΓ„S Knob, BEGRIPA, BILLSBRO, ENERYDA, GUBBARP, GUBBARP Knob, KALLROR, ORRNAS, VINNA and OSTERNAS

5 Families

Counter Tops

Most useful Counter Top shapes and sizes. Each Family inclues Visibility Parameters for all sub-parts and graphics.

Details: Counter Profile

Real 3D Profile that can be turned on or off.

Parametric Counter Top

Change height, width, depth, turn legs, backsplash and edge profile on and off.

The Cabinet

Drawers are alive!

Open and close drawers to demonstrate your Kitchen abilities - or to check that it doesn't bump into any corner.

Realistic Spaces

Spaces of 2 mm from each side, are already part of the door panels to make sure your kitchen looks realistic also in renders.

Dynamic Base

Easily switch between circular legs, rectangular legs or toe kick base. All parts are parametric, including special corner options.

2D Graphics

Detail Level

Floor Plan Opening Lines

Facade Opening Lines

Detail Level is a friend


To create the basic Kitchen Structure, choosing the number of shelves, drawers, rough dimensions and placement of cabinets


To work on door opening directions, type of Panels and, materials and Kitchen appliances


To work on fine-tuning the Kitchen Handles: their Type, materials, dimensions and final placement

9 Families
Tall Cabinets

Ready-to-model Tall Kitchen Cabinets with the most usefull combinations

Only In the Professional Pack

12 Families
Tall Cabinets with Oven and Microwave

Including the most common combinations. Choose between an oven or a microwave, or two ovens.

120 families
Beautiful Entourage and Furniture

Kitchen Furniture, tables, chairs, stool, shelves, objects, decor, food, cleaning equipment and potted plants

17 Families

Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures

Integrated Oven, Microwave, Range Hood, Cooktops, Sinks and Faucets that completes your design.

Choose your Package

Basic Package

Suitable for Linear Kitchen Types with simple design requirments


Advanced Package

Most Common Kitchen Objects: for Linear, L-Shape and U-Shape Kitchens, including tall kitchen cabinets


Professional Package

For Interior Designers who care about their Kitchens: All-in-one Package for all Kitchen Layouts, Including Appliances, Plumbing Fixtures and super beautiful Entourage


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