Best 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Dynamo for Revit

best youtube channels to learn revit dynamo

Dynamo for Revit is a Visual Programming Addin integrated into Revit since 2020. Using Dynamo, you can automate repetitive tasks, enhance workflow efficiency, model complex geometry, analyze data within your Revit projects, visualize project data, and more! 

In this article, we've selected the top 10 free YouTube channels specializing in creating Dynamo video tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Some advanced tutorials also include using Python in Dynamo to customize Revit to suit your specific needs by creating your custom nodes and scripts in Dynamo.

Last update: November 2023

By: Andrii Tymoshchuk, Anais Simaan

therevit kid youtube channel

Jeffrey A. Pinheiro, a licensed architect with over a decade of experience, discovered their passion for the blend of technology, design, and practice. Host of #BIMAfterDarkLive and creator of the BIM After Dark Community. His YouTube Channel has more than 80K subscribers and almost 400 video tutorials! 

TheRevitKid introduction tutorial for Dynamo: Information for beginners

3 Steps to Beginning Your Dynamo Journey, Today (a BIM After Dark episode)

Playlist: Dynamo Tutorials and Tips

Number of tutorials: 31
Level: All levels
Discipline: Architectural & Structural

aussie bim guru revit youtube channel
Aussie BIM Guru

Created by Gavin Crump, an experienced licensed architect with over a decade in the field, shares practical BIM knowledge with a broad AEC industry focus. Aussi BIM Guru YouTube Channel has more than 40K subscribers and almost 350 video tutorials! 

Playlist 1: Learn Dynamo Series

Number of tutorials: 18
Level: Basic
Discipline: Architectural

Playlist 2: Dynamo Tutorials

Number of tutorials: 134
Level: All levels
Discipline: Architectural

Playlist 3: Python in Dynamo

Number of tutorials: 15
Level: Advanced
Discipline: Architectural

revit pure revit bim youtube channel
Revit Pure

Created by Nicolas Catellier. Nicolas is an architect, BIM specialist and founder of the website He started using Revit in 2011 and quickly became passionate about BIM. Revit Pure approach to teaching Revit focuses on simplifying the learning process. All videos are meticulously edited to ensure they are engaging, time-effective, and beneficial to the viewer. Revit Pure YouTube Channel has more than 43K subscribers and almost 150 video tutorials! 

At the time of writing this article, we couln'd find a dedicated YouTube Playlist for Dynamo this channel, so we included the link for a search that includes the best Revit Pure videos about Dynamo for Revit. 

YuoTube Search: Dynamo Revit Pure

Number of tutorials: 10+
Level: All Levels
Discipline: Architectural

firas noori revit bim youtube channel
Firas Noori

This educational Firas Noori channel is dedicated to educating individuals interested in CGI. Firas S. Noori, a lecturer at Ajman University in the UAE, utilizes this platform to deliver tutorials aimed at assisting dear and valued students in their learning journey. Firas Noori YouTube Channel has more than 11K subscribers and almost 300 video tutorials! 

Playlist 1: Dynamo Course For Beginners

Number of tutorials: 35
Level: Basic 
Discipline: Architectural

Playlist 2: Dynamo for Interior Designers

Number of tutorials: 11
Level: Intermediate
Discipline: Architectural

Playlist 3: Dynamo Attractors

Number of tutorials: 6
Level: Basic
Discipline: Architectural

Playlist 4: Revit - Dynamo Towers

Number of tutorials: 12
Level: Advanced
Discipline: Architectural & Structural 

niko g. revit bim youtube channel
Niko G.

Created by Niko Gamsakhurdiya, a BIM Manager with 10 years of experience with an Architect background. His YouTube Channel has more than 53K subscribers and more than 500 video tutorials! 

Playlist 1: [RT-04] Dynamo

Number of tutorials: 68
Level: All Levels
Discipline: Architectural 

Playlist 2: [RT-05] Python and Revit

Number of tutorials: 7
Level: Advanced
Discipline: All Disiciplines

diroots revit dynamo bim youtube channel

Famous for their amazing DiRoot Addin for Revit. Their specialization lies in digital development for the AEC and Manufacturing sectors, where we enhance BIM models' efficiency and productivity by crafting robust, user-friendly, tailor-made solutions. DiRoots YouTube Channel has more than 17K subscribers and more than 70 video tutorials! 

Playlist 1: Dynamo Basics - Training Course

Number of tutorials: 8
Level: Basic
Discipline: Architectural

Playlist 2: Dynamo Advanced Course I

Number of tutorials: 6
Level: Advanced
Discipline: Structural

dynamoBIM revit youtube channel

The channel is from Dynamo developers, who know how to use the software better than anyone else. So under their patronage, you can easily learn how to use Dynamo for your purposes. 

Playlist 1: Introduction to Dynamo

Number of tutorials: 10
Level: Basic 
Discipline: None

Playlist 2: Advanced Dynamo Tutorials

Number of tutorials: 30
Level: Advanced
Discipline: All disciplines

autodesk building solution revit dynamo youtube channel
Autodesk Building Solution

A channel with suggestions and visual guides on how to use Autodesk software and how to connect it with each other. Autodesk Building Solutions YouTube Channel has more than 123K subscribers and more than 2,100 videos! 

Playlist: Dynamo

Number of tutorials: 39
Level: Advanced
Discipline: Architectural & Structural

boldbrain revit dynamo youtube channel

Created by Luisa Santamaría, an Architect and BIM designer from Madrid. BoldBrain's primary focus is to equip Architects, Engineers, and Draftsmen with top-notch tools, enabling them to excel in a highly competitive landscape.

Playlist: Dynamo free online Course for Revit

Number of tutorials: 7
Level: Intermediate
Discipline: Architectural & Structural

revit for all dynamo revit youtube channel
Revit for All

The channel focuses on sharing knowledge and features a structured system that caters to both beginners and advanced users. It's designed to support individuals in researching and enhancing their expertise, regardless of their experience level.


Number of tutorials: 23
Level: Intermediate
Discipline: Architectural & Structural

belinda carr revit dynamo youtube channel
Belinda Carr

Belinda Carr, originally from Dubai, UAE and currently residing in Dallas, Texas, creates videos on Building Science, Products, and Tech. She strives to acquire new knowledge daily and presents it impartially.

Playlist: Software

Number of tutorials: 33
Level: All levels
Discipline: Architectural & Structural 

MAT sharezone revit dynamo youtube channel
MAT ShareZone

The official channel of Poland MAT IT Services company features training videos, webinars, tips & tricks, presentations, and promotional materials. Exclusive video content is available only through the MAT ShareZone platform.

Playlist: Dynamo

Number of tutorials: 8
Level: Advanced
Discipline: MEP
Language: Polish

Where can you download free Dynamo Scripts? 

Check out our extensive Dynamo Scripts Library, which offers a lot of free Dynamo Scripts for architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines. 

download dynamo scripts


Let us know in the comments what what channels you are already watching, we will update the list every few months to make it most useful! 

*This post has been supplemented and improved with the help of our attentive community. Thanks to our community from the RD Studio Linkedin Page.


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    Marcello Sgambelluri, should be included for sure! I would recommend his book for Revit and Grasshopper, if you are seriously looking into both since it provides examples for both approaches.

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    Why this guy Marcello Sgambelluri not included in your list?

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