Top YouTube Channels to learn Revit

Top YouTube Channels to learn Revit: Free tutorials, tips and tricks

1. Balkan Architect

Probably the most popular Revit Channel nowadays, with new videos each week 

balkan architect revit

He also has a free Revit Beginners Course: 



2. Revit Pure

One of the best channels, with numerous tutorials, live videos, courses and more. Don't forget to subscribe to PR Pamphlet: Free PDF guides breaking down Revit’s most confusing topics. 

revit pure youtube


3. Aussie BIM Guru

A very clever channel presented by Gavin Crump, with many advanced tutorials at both Revit and Dynamo

aussie bim guru


4. Niko G.

An educational channel for architectural software including Revit, Dynamo, 3Ds MAx, Rhino and more.

revit tutorials channel youtube


5. The Revit Kid

AKA Jeff. Don't forget to check out his blog for free downloads of Revit Families and assets

the revit kid


6. That BIM Girl

Talented BIM girl, Jacqueline Rohrmann, from Germany has a lot to offer

that bim girl



 A useful channel with lots of solutions to common problems that might encounter at work

m.t.h revit tutorials


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