10 Revit Keyboard Shortcuts you must change

As a Revit user you probably have used one or more Keyboard shortcuts to work faster and find the desired command without looking for it in the Ribbon. 

Some Revit Keyboard shortcuts are pretty logical and easy to remember like TR for Trim / Extend command. But some keyboard shortcuts are not that easy to remember and sometimes it's not comfortable to use two letters that are far away from each other on the keyboard (Laziness is a good attitude when it comes to productivity). For example, the AL shortcut that stands for the Align Tool, "A" and "L" are very far from each other.

To make it super easy to use shortcuts, it must be:

1. The same letter, for example "AA"
2. Two adjacent letters on the keyboard like "SA" 


First, we need to know how to change Revit Keyboard shortcuts. So to do that you need to click the View tab > Windows panel > User Interface drop-down > Keyboard Shortcuts. 

revit keyboard shortcuts


In the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog, locate the desired Revit tool or command, using one or both of the following methods: 

1. Use the search field, enter the name of the command.
2. For Filter, select the user interface area in which the command occurs, or select one of the following values


revit keyboard shortcuts


Now, let's jump right to the most popular and useful command that you must change. Starting from the Modify Tab:

  • Align Tool: change it from "AL" to "AA"
  • Move Tool: change it from "MV" to "MM"
  • Aligned Dimension: change it from "DI" to "DD"
  • Paste Aligned to Current View: CTRL + SHIFT + V
  • Join Geometry: "JJ"

Other useful keyboard shortcuts:

  • Default 3D View: "33"
  • Export Image: "CTRL + E
  • Duplicate View with Detailing: CTRL + J
  • Type Properties: "TT"

Download our Keyboard Shortcuts and start using our shortcuts now!

 revit keyboard shortcuts


What is your favourite shortcut? Leave it in the comments below

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