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  • Revit Version: 2020
  • Created by: RD Studio
  • Pack Categories: Specialty Equipment, Plumbing Fixtures, Planting, Casework, Electrical Equipment, Generic Model, and Furniture

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How to Load Revit Families
1. Open Revit, go to the Insert Tab and Press on Load Family
2. Choose the downloaded family from your computer

For more information please visit our download and install instructions page.

Parametric Super-Detailed Kitchen Revit Families for Interior Design: Professional Package

The ultimate pack which includes the most popular kitchen cabinet types, door types, drawer units, countertop types, handles, electrical kitchen appliances, and plumbing fixtures to create a linear shape kitchen and island, an L-Shape Kitchen, a U-Shaped Kitchen, and a Z-Shaped Kitchen. Also, the pack includes more than 90 Kitchen furniture, kitchenware Revit Families, Food, Planting, and Decor. 

Includes the following Revit Families ready to use:

  1. 15 Kitchen Cabinets (base and top):
    - Open Cabinet
    - One Door Cabinet
    - Two Door Cabinet
    - Multiple Drawers (Equal Size) Cabinet
    - Two Drawer Cabinet
    - Three Drawer Cabinet
    - Four Drawer Cabinet
    - Corner Cabinet
    - Corner Cabinet Blind
    - Two Door + Drawer Cabinet
    - One Door + Top Part
    - Two Door + Top Part
    - Pull-Out Cabinet
    - Base Cabinet with built-in oven
    - Base Cabinet with built-in double oven
  2. 9 Tall Kitchen Cabinets
  3. 12 Tall Kitchen Cabinets with Built-in Appliances: an oven, a double oven, two types of microwave, a microwave oven, or an integrated coffee machine.
  4. 5 Counter Tops: Linear, L-Shape, U-Shape, Z-Shape and Box
  5. 18 Door Facades Panels: 
    - Solid White
    - Solid Wood
    - Solid Grey
    - Solid Green
    - Frame with Glass
    - Recessed Panel
    - Frame with Net
    - Frame With Glass: X Shape
    - Frame with Grid 2X1
    - Frame with Grid 1X1
    - Frame with Horizontal Grid
    - Frame with Vertical Grid
    - Frame with Simple Shutter
  6. Two Drawer Types
  7. Two Shelves Types
  8. 20 Handle Types
  9. Kitchen Appliances: Oven, Microwave, Range Hood, Refrigerator, Induction Cooktop, Gas cooktops, wine cooler, dishwasher, and many small countertop appliances. 
  10. Kitchen Built-In Appliances: an oven, a double oven, two types of microwave, a microwave oven, or an integrated coffee machine.
  11. Plumbing Fixtures: Kitchen sinks with built-in cutting board, rinse grid, colander, and taps. And Mixer Taps (Faucets). 
  12. Professional Entourage Package: More than 90 Revit Families of Planting, Kitchenware, Kitchen Island, Kitchen Furniture, Stool, Chair, Tables, and Food Revit Families

Instance Parameters:

  • All Cabinet Revit Families are built using Shared Parameters, meaning you can select multiple Cabinets, and change all Door Panel Types and handle Types together in one click. 
  • We developed the Kitchen Casework Families with architects and interior designers in mind: all dimensions are instance parameters to modify the families quickly and easily. 
  • Cabinets host multiple nested Families to make quick design decisions in one click: Front Door Panels, Handles, and Legs. 
  • Please check the Instance Parameters for each family, as shown in the description images, to ensure they fit your needs.  

Technical Specifications:

  • Decor Families are work plane-based for easy placement on countertops, walls, floors, and other surfaces.
  • Families include Material Parameters for each part.
  • All Families are parametric and designed with the user in mind.


  • The download folder includes 215 Revit families, organized in folders by categories. In addition to an RTE Showroom file with all families placed in a 3D view. 
  • Categories: Casework, Furniture, Electrical Fixtures, Plumbing Fixtures, Generic Model and Specialty Equipment. 
  • Please make sure your Revit version is compatible with the product version.
download revit kitchen
download revit kitchen appliances

Please make sure your Revit version is compatible with the product version

  • Revit Version: 2020
  • The download folder includes  Revit Families

Pack Categories:

  • Specialty Equipment
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Planting
  • Casework
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Generic Model
  • Furniture

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