Kitchen Revit Families - Professional

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Revit version: 2020
Created by: RD Studio

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Parametric Super Detailed Kitchen Revit Families for Interior Design: Professional Package

Includes the most popular cabinets, doors, drawer types, counter top types and handles to create a linear shape kitchen and island, L-Shape Kitchen and U-Shaped Kitchen. 

Includes the following Revit Families ready to use:

  1. 15 Kitchen Cabinets (base and top):
    - Open Cabinet
    - One Door Cabinet
    - Two Door Cabinet
    - Multiple Drawers (Equal Size) Cabinet
    - Two Drawer Cabinet
    - Three Drawer Cabinet
    - Four Drawer Cabinet
    - Corner Cabinet
    - Corner Cabinet Blind
    - Two Door + Drawer Cabinet
    - One Door + Top Part
    - Two Door + Top Part
    - Pull-Out Cabinet
  2. 9 Tall Kitchen Cabinets
  3. 12 Tall Kitchen Cabinets with Oven/Microwave
  4. 5 Counter Tops: Linear, L-Shape, U-Shape, Z-Shape and Box
  5. 18 Door Facades Panels: 
    - Solid White
    - Solid Wood
    - Solid Grey
    - Solid Green
    - Frame with Glass
    - Recessed Panel
    - Frame with Net
    - Frame With Glass: X Shape
    - Frame with Grid 2X1
    - Frame with Grid 1X1
    - Frame with Horizontal Grid
    - Frame with Vertical Grid
    - Frame with Simple Shutter
  6. Two Drawer Types
  7. Two Shelves Types
  8. 20 Handle Types
  9. Kitchen Appliances: Oven, Microwave, Range Hood, Refrigerator, Induction Cooktop
  10. Plumbing Fixtures: Sinks and Faucet
  11. Professional Entourage Package: Planting, Kitchenware, Kitchen Island, Kitchen Furniture, Stool, Chair, Tables and Food

 Each Cabinet Family includes a super parametric approach to create maximum design flexibility. Cabinets host multiple nested Families to make the design decisions immediate and easy to change.

All Families are built with Shared Parameters - it means that you can select multiple Cabinets and change all Door Panel Types, Handle Types all together in one click. 

All Cabinets including the Tall Cabinets are free standing and do not need a wall as a host. Most of the Entourage, planting, furniture and electrical and plumbing fixtures are Face-based, to be easily placed on the Countertops. 

Revit version: 2020
Classified as: Casework
Complete Tutorial

Check our super detailed tutorial for best practices and fast go-through the Pro Kitchen Families