Outdoor Furniture Revit Families 01

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  • Revit Version: 2020
  • Created by: Umberto Rinaldi
  • Pack Categories: Casework and Furniture

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How to Load Revit Families
1. Open Revit, go to the Insert Tab and Press on Load Family
2. Choose the downloaded family from your computer

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Outdoor Furniture Revit Families

The package contains 31 families to furnish the garden/terrace area of your project: gazebos and pergolas, garden tables, benches, armchairs, and sofas. All the families have the materials set as instance parameters. The main woods adopted are oak and fir.

The gazebos and pergolas are furnished and contain nested families with parameterized materials that can be conveniently extracted and used in other projects.

The gazebo and pergola families include visibility parameters to allow you to turn off the furnishings inside them if necessary to be able to furnish them as you wish with other families. Pergola dimensions: 1 pergola 7x3m, 2 wall pergolas 3x3m, 3 pergolas 3x3m, 1 gazebo 4x4m.

Last update: Setting materials as instance parameters. Replacement of two families. Replacement of furnishings in the pergolas. The .txt file inside the package contains a detailed description of the changes made.

Includes 31 Families. 

Family Category: Furniture and Casework

It's important to mention that Families are not parametric. 

Keywords: pergola

Please make sure your Revit version is compatible with the product version

  • Revit Version: 2020
  • The download folder includes 31 Revit Families

Pack Categories:

  • Casework
  • Furniture

I am a Civil Engineer (Hydraulics specialization) who graduated from the Polytechnic of Bari (Italy).
I have little experience behind me but a great desire to learn. For about a year, I approached the world of BIM and, in particular, modeling in Revit, but I immediately appreciated the potential that this software offers. I like modeling/creating architectural families for Revit, I hope you will enjoy them too. I am open to any suggestions :)