Boho Furniture (Part 1)

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Includes 24 Families, and 60 Types. All families are placed in the default 3D view.
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  • Revit Version: 2022
  • Created by: RD Studio
  • Pack Categories: Furniture

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Best Boho Furniture and Objects Families for Revit

Boho style is a more natural style. It usually uses sustainable products and materials, such as bamboo, rattan, cane and more. Many of the pieces are hand woven and crafted. Bohemian style gives your home a lovely warm cozy and natural feel. These pieces also last for a long time, and fit in with pretty much any décor in your home.

Includes 24 Families, and 60 Types. All families are placed in the default 3D view. 

Includes the following Revit Families ready to use:

  1. Armchai
  2. Utility cart
  3. Open wardrobe with sliding door
  4. Bed frame
  5. Nightstand, birch
  6. 5-drawer chest, birch
  7. Table and 4 chairs, foldable 
  8. Floor mirror, ash
  9. 4-seat conversation set, outdoor
  10. Outdoor coffee table
  11. Outdoor Armchair
  12. Side table
  13. Rattan Plant stand
  14. Nightstand
  15. Basket
  16. Serving cart with storage
  17. Stool
  18. Dish
  19. Stool with storage
  20. Mirror with rattan frame
  21. Mirror
  22. Table mirror
  23. Monitor stand
  24. Rattan Plant stand

Please make sure your Revit version is compatible with the product version

  • Revit Version: 2022
  • The download folder includes 24 Revit Families

Pack Categories:

  • Furniture

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