Revit 2D Background Objects

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22 Details Items (rfa. File) for Revit 2020 of background objects, sky elements, airplanes, clouds, towers, crane and more for sections and elevations.
Revit version: 2020
Created by: RD Studio

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Revit 2D Background Objects (22 Figures)

22 Details Items (rfa. File) for Revit 2020 of background objects, sky elements, airplanes, clouds, towers, crane and more for sections and elevations.


  1. Clouds (5 different cloud types)
  2. Airplane
  3. Helicopter
  4. Birds
  5. Bushes (2 different bush types)
  6. Trees (5 different tree types)
  7. Hot air balloon
  8. Crane machine
  9. Ship
  10. Windmill
  11. Water tower
  12. Watchtower

Each figure includes a masking region. Line weights will be updated according to your Line Weights options (Detail Items category). 

Revit version: 2020
Classified as: Detail Items
Product Version: #
Last Update:

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