Title Block Catalogue (Metric + Imperial)

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The package contains 18 Title Block types (8 Title Block Families): A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 & Letter, Arch A, B, C, D, E
Revit version: 2022
Created by: Stanislav Stanislavov

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Title Block Catalogue (Metric + Imperial)

The package contains 18 Title Blocks types (8 Title Block Families):
A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 & Letter, Arch A, B, C, D, E

Metric Title Blocks:

  • A4 Cover Page (210 x 297 mm)
  • A3 (297 x 420 mm)
  • A2 (420 x 597 mm)
  • A2 (597 x 420 mm)
  • A1 (594 x 841 mm)
  • A1 + (594 x 1051 mm)
  • A0 (841 x 1189 mm)
  • A1 + (841 x 1399 mm)

Imperial Title Blocks:

  • Letter Cover Page (8.5 x 11 in.)
  • Arch A Cover Page (9 x 12 in.)
  • Arch B (12 x 18 in.)
  • Arch C (18 x 24 in.)
  • Arch C (24 x 18 in.)
  • Arch D (24 x 36 in.)
  • Arch D + (24 x 45 in.)
  • Arch E (36 x 48 in.)
  • Arch E + (36 x 57 in.)
  • Arch E1 (30 x 42 in.)

* All large scale format can be extended in length

The Title Blocks include fields for:

  • Studio information (in a separate family)
  • Project name, number (if applicable), address and client
  • Plan name and abbreviation (with on/off visibility parameter)
  • Author (signed by) with field for stamp & signature
  • Revision schedule
  • Revision index
  • Sheet number
  • Drawing scale
  • Drawing date
  • Sheet size (with on/off visibility parameter)
  • Two tabs for Legend and General Notes (with on/off visibility parameter), with the option to change their title and adjust their size (for the large scale title blocks)


*All fields are filled out automatically by the project information data, except the date (due to Revit formatting limitations) and the studio information.
The studio logo and information come in a separate family. Change the information, place your logo and delete the text. Load your family in the title blocks and overwrite the existing version.
The project information can be filled in the title block or in the Manage tab - Project Information


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Revit version: 2022
Classified as: Title Blocks
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