Change Title Blocks on Specified Sheets

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This script will change the Title Blocks on the chosen Sheets.
Dynamo Build:
Revit Version: 2023
Created by: Andrey Kim

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Dynamo Script: Change Title Blocks on Specified Sheets

Sometimes we might need to change Title Blocks on some of the Sheets. And if we can use Revit native way to modify all, the challenge appears when we need to do it only for specific ones.

This script will change the Title Blocks on the chosen Sheets.  

This Dynamo Script will simultaneously execute multiple tasks:

  • Select Title Block Family Type
  • Specify Sheets from a List
  • Change Title Blocks on Selected Sheets

For more details regarding the workflow, visit the link with the full Tutorial:

Please make sure the the parameter names are case sensitive.

This script contains the following custom nodes, so if don't have the packages please install it before using our script:


Dynamo Build:
Revit Version: 2023

Hello there!

My name is Andrey and I am the owner of O°RI Technology YouTube Channel.
The channel is focusing on producing step-by-step Dynamo and Revit API tutorials which can provide some interesting methods.

We would be learning and testing different approaches and expanding our knowledge together along the way, to make sure it is as clear to understand as possible.

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