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Revit Families Technical Guidelines

Revit Version

Revit 2020



All Families should be modelled using English Metric Template in cm, and then according to Family Template (Furniture, Casework, etc.). Unless there is a need of an imperial version as well. 

 revit units cm


Modeling Rules

1. All models should be centered unless there's a good reason not to do so. For example a wardrobe that relies on the wall. Please use Reference Planes to define the basic gross dimensions: Width, Depth and Height:

revit family center

2. All model parts should be above the Refence Level:

revit family refence level

3. Please insert Control flip arrows if needed:

flip arrow revit family

4. If a product have an open/closed position, please create several options according to usage, using on and off Visibility Instance Parameters:
Use the not() function inside the Family to prevent non-desired behavior 

revit ikea family

5. If a part of a Family (handle / frame / lock) is gonna be replaced or used in another Family, it must be modeled as a Nested Family. 




Family Name vs Type Name

For catalogue products: Each Family should be named exactly like company's catalogue + "RD_" Prefix, for example (an IKEA product): "RD_OLIVBLAD Plant stand".

Each Family should include as many Types as the product catalogue requires, named according to the different materials. For Example: "Brown wood", "White Vernier", "Red Legs - White High Gloss Top". 

ikea billy bookcase revit download



1. All Families should have Material Parameters according to the different parts of the model: use native Autodesk Materials (as much as possible, if there's no texture, you can use external one)

coffee cup revit



2. Each Material should be named with a prefix "RD_":

3. Each Material Asset should be duplicated and named with a prefix "RD_": 


4. Each custom texture file (JPG/PNG) should include the prefix "RD_" and a custom name according to the Material name:

 5. Shading Color should be set to "Use Render Appearance": 

 Materials naming convention structure: 

RD_[Material Type] [Color] [Color Description]

For example: 

  • RD_Wood Brown Dark (instead of "RD_Dark Brown Wood")
  • RD_Wood Brown Light (instead of "RD_Light Brown Wood")
  • RD_Steel Beige Matte
  • RD_Steel Golden-brown Glazed

When working on a collection of Families that share the same Materials, it is best to apply the materials after inserting all the Families to a project file. This enhances the chance of no getting duplicate names on the process. Use PyRevit to save the Families after applying the Materials to a folder. 



Please deep purge the Families (purge several times until there's no objects to delete) before saving the Family. 



All Families should be in one RVT project file, organized in a grid. For example: 



Please send us the following materials:
1. Revit Families as individual files
2. Revit Project file with all Families organized in a grid
3. All texture file used (JPG/PNG)

Please use WeTransfer to send us the files to

revit ikea family  


Dynamo Scripts Technical Guidelines

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