IKEA Revit Families - BROGRUND Bathroom Items and more

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Includes 20 different IKEA BROGRUND Families and bathroom décor objects to create beautiful bathroom and toilet scenes.
Revit version: 2020
Created by: Revit Dynamo

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IKEA Revit Families - BROGRUND Bathroom Items and decor items

Have you been looking for IKEA Revit Families? Now you can use IKEA's most popular and practical products directly in your models and renderings. This collection includes our pick from BROGRUND series from IKEA. 

IKEA BROGRUND series includes lots of useful bathroom items for the sink, the shower and the toilet with the same mission: organize. Because the bathroom is where we go to relax, free our mind from daily problems and take care of ourselves – which is easier when the room’s tidy and clutter-free.

Includes 20 different IKEA BROGRUND Families and bathroom décor objects to create beautiful bathroom and toilet scenes.

Includes the following Revit Families ready to use:

  1. IKEA BROGRUND Touch top trash can - stainless steel
  2. IKEA BROGRUND Glass shelf
  3. IKEA BROGRUND Wall shelf with towel rail, stainless steel
  4. IKEA BROGRUND Towel rail, stainless steel
  5. IKEA BROGRUND Toilet roll holder, stainless steel
  6. IKEA BROGRUND Hook, stainless steel
  7. IKEA BROGRUND Riser rail with hand shower/outlet, chrome plated
  8. IKEA BROGRUND Corner wall shelf unit, stainless steel
  9. IKEA BROGRUND Toilet brush, stainless steel
  10. IKEA BROGRUND Towel holder, 3 bars, stainless steel (Parametric)
  11. IKEA BROGRUND Hanger for door, stainless steel
  12. IKEA FLISAT Stool
  13. Indoor Potted Plant
  14. Indoor Potted Plant - succulent 
  15. Flip Flops (Slippers)
  16. Basket with towels
  17. Bathroom mat (carpet/rug)
  18. Small Décor objects
  19. Folded Towel - Big
  20. Folded Towel - Small

Each Family includes Materials parameters. Download folder includes textures and bump textures. 

To copy a Revit Family into your project, open both your project and our file, select a Family, Edit Family and Load into your project. To copy a specific type to your project, simple use CTRL + C and CTRL + V shortcuts to copy the desired type to your project. 

Revit version: 2020
Classified as: Specialty Equipment