Revit Office and Work Space Desktop Objects

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Includes 20 Revit Families of modern and minimalistic décor objects for creating the perfect desktop
Revit version: 2020
Created by: Revit Dynamo

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Revit Office and Work Space Desktop Objects

Save now > This small set is part of Revit 3D Office and Work Space Objects and Décor Mega Pack

Perfect for interior design projects, office scenes, work spaces, retail spaces, restaurants, cafes, hotel, and any space than needs some Revit Decor Families. Those Families look great in all views: plans, section, elevations and 3D views. Render-ready and includes a material texture library.

Populate your plans and interior design drawings with amazing details. Includes 20 Revit Families of modern and minimalistic décor objects for creating the perfect desktop:

  1. Glasses
  2. Architectural plans and drawings with triangular scale ruler
  3. Books
  4. Calculator
  5. Clipboard with pen
  6. Coffee mug
  7. Headphones
  8. Headphones with stand
  9. IKEA basket DRONJONS (bin)
  10. IKEA Magazine file KNUFF
  11. IKEA Pencil cup with pens DRONJONS
  13. iPhone
  14. Laptop with pad
  15. Monitor with wooden stand
  16. Open journal with pen and glasses
  17. Small Potted plant_01
  18. Small Potted plant_02
  19. Sonos One speakers
  20. Wooden anatomy doll

To link the textures to the Materials: File > Options > Rendering, and then add the path of the folder where the textures are saved via the green plus sign. 

Revit version: 2020
Classified as: Furniture

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